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Compressed Earth Block Building and Training

Solid Earth Communities works with earth builders, environmental architects and community planners. We build eco-friendly homes and communities. When you are in one of our compressed earth block homes, you are in a comfortable, affordable, sustainable home.


No matter whether a Compressed Earth Block home is a basic home or a high-end home, the benefits are the same. Monthly heating and cooling expenses are substantially decreased, as well as the upkeep of the house, which decreases over time, unlike a traditional "stick" house.


The environment is not impacted since the blocks are cured in the sun, not fired like cement blocks and bricks. There is also minimal wood used in the construction of a CEB home. These are truly "green" homes.


SEC works directly with community leaders and other nonprofit organizations to create a local, well-paid workforce that invests in their own future. To that end, we expect to aim for a comprehensive understanding of your needs, strengths, challenges, and opportunities that will inform future housing decisions in the long-term. SEC brings  sustainable benefits to eradicate homelessness along with renewed hope and jobs to your town!


Sample of a 390 sq. ft. living space "Casita"

Floor Plan by SWSA


Sample of a 687 sq. ft. living space home

Floor Plan by SWSA



Sample of an 1100 sq. ft. living space home—single family home

Floor Plan by SWSA





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