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Today is a great day to change the world we live in . . . 
one house at a time Solid Earth Communities, provides innovative construction practices and designs that focuses on being a part of the housing shortage solution, all built from compressed earth materials and which are more affordable than traditional housing. From Casitas, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and single family homes to navigation centers, day care centers, and shelters, Solid Earth Communities builds strong, stable structures designed to not only meet the needs of people who have experienced homelessness, but also healing spaces that provide room for communities to thrive. Our professional “Earth Home Specialist” architects, will create an environmentally sustainable home design and then SEC will proudly build an affordable home that is not only energy efficient but also water proof, sound proof, fire proof, earthquake resistant and mold proof! SEC works with earth builders, environmental architects and community planners. We build eco-friendly homes and communities. When you are in one of our compressed earth block homes, you are in a comfortable, sustainable home. ﷯ 2021 "Housing Ends Homelessness" Capital Campaign ﷯ Sharon Davis Design Our Solid Earth Communities 2021 "Housing Ends Homelessness" Capital Campaign will be one of a kind! We will provide 20 completed unique households, free of charge, to our non-profit partner, turn-key ready! We need community support to help address the root causes of chronic homelessness and to fulfill our mission to reduce and end homelessness. They are suffering from the loss of a job or the challenge of a mental or physical illness. They need a hand-up, they need a chance to hit the reset button and start over. ﷯Some people experience chronic homelessness due to very low income combined with other challenges. This exciting project will create single “Casitas” for individuals to single family homes for multi-generational families, thereby creating stability and long-term solutions for the community, as well. SEC takes care of the basic need for safe, environmentally sustainable housing, through trauma informed design for these households. We will also be partnering with Economic Development, non-profits with supportive work programs and Public-Private partnerships to develop our 20 household community. These homes will be given to a non-profit that will provide community oversight and supportive services. Together, we have an opportunity to meet critical safety needs and stop the cycle of homelessness one "Casita" at a time. More than adding walls and floors, we are creating stable lives rooted in the community!

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Solid Earth Communities is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Charitable ID #: 85-2106166

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